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Czech Republic – Brno

About Capoeira


Capoeira is the most beautiful sport and the most complex art form in the world. It’s a form of martial art. Yes, it’s a fight. But it’s also a dance. And music.

And songs. And musical instruments. And movement. And balance. And rhythm. And coordination. And strength training. And cardio training. And samba. A maculelê.

Capoeira is not just a kind of physical exercise or routine training. Capoeira also trains the mind. A duel between two opponents is called a game. Because they don’t fight together. They play a game.

Capoeira will teach you how to play traditional musical instruments and sing capoeira songs. In Portuguese. Yes, capoeira is also about the music and the language.

Capoeira gave birth to many dance forms, such as is samba or maculelê. Also a war dance – guerreira. Yes, capoeira is also about dance. And performing arts.



Wear comfortable clothes for the training, you do not need to have a uniform.


Do not worry about the shoes, we train barefoot.


In the training we speak a mixture of languages, do not feel intimidated if you know only one of them.


The only thing you really need to bring with you for the training is good energy!


We train every Wednesday
from 19:00 CET to 21:00 CET.


During holidays, training takes place in the Lužánky park.
(In case of inclement weather we train in a gym.
The gym is located in Základní Škola Ježek Bez Klece
at Lidická 6, Brno.)

Everyone can join us

Training Levels

“Capoeira e para homen, menino e mulher, so nao aprende quem nao quiser.”
[Capoeira is for men, women and children; the only ones who don’t
learn it are those who don’t wish to.]

Mestre Pastinha


Everyone can join us, no matter what their experience is. We do re-group during the training based on our capabilities.


If you have already trained capoeira and what to keep on developing your skills, we have the right place for you as well.


This website was developed with adults in mind. However, if you wish to bring your child to the training please do so.

What You Get

“It is what it is.”

Single Lesson


Sport training


Access to the capoeira world


A discount per lesson



Sport training


Access to the capoeira world


A discount per lesson

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