Capoeira Jogo de Dentro Příbor

Trainings for kids


Tuesdays 17:30 – 19:00



Aluna Algodão (Gabriela)
Phone: +420 799 509 812
Email: gabsyky(at)
Graduado Jerry (Jiří)
Phone: +420 777 038 511

Graduado Jerry

I started training capoeira in Příbor at the age of 15 under coach Luboš “Xerifo” Chodura. We trained in an unassociated group called Graduado.

Then I moved to Kopřivnice and continued training in Grupo Candeias under Dana Škárka. My first Brazilian teacher was Mestre Sazuki.

I had to have a break for 2 years due to a dislocated hip. I was afraid to return to the group after such a long time. And then Xerife offered me to teach children. So I went for it and trained the kids for about 2 years.

At the time, Professor Michael appeared and welcomed me in the Grupo Cordão de Ouro. I reached under his supervision the Graduado grade and I am still training with him.